About Me

Hey, I'm Nick Yoder!

I'm a senior portfolio manager at Virgil Quantitative Research, a quant hedge fund in New York.  I'm a huge travel enthusiast, physics and history buff, novice OCR athlete and bibliophile.  

Before going to Wall Street, I was a firefighter for three years.

I made this site to share some articles which I had been posting to Medium.  I also wanted a platform to share my machine learning and genomics research. The finance writing is more general and educational, since my core work is proprietary.

I studied math, finance and machine learning at Carnegie Mellon University.  

In 2009, I moved to New York and worked at Morgan Stanley, eventually running an equity derivatives trading desk.  

Since leaving Morgan Stanley, I've raised capital and enjoy a more flexible lifestyle of work and research.

I occasionally give talks on Machine Learning, Finance and AI.  Recent talks have included the World Bank, Carnegie Mellon and one of the world's largest hedge funds.

Please reach out, nickyoder10@gmail.com, if you have any interesting projects for discussion or collaboration.




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