Math as Machines

The origins of Psychohistory Mathematics

Math as Machines
10-Point Article System

The field of mathematics known today as Psychohistory began to crystalize in the 11th month of -44 FE (12,023 Galactic Era old calendar).

…arbitraily large numbers capture noise and direction… powers/logs etc… feedback loops when I first began developing this field of mathematics (year) today known as Pyschohistory


Societies much like biological systems adapt and change.  Cultures that better vs worse…copied…

Once these properties ovserved

Easy to know the same math would work.. Both have digital properties…(unlike nuclear base infromation (nucleotides) in cells and genes, motifs and other… The mathmatician need not name the discrete properties….only that they exist and can be modelled in a hypermatrix.... the individual human, computer or corportation need only have a relational to these values (mogoamy for example)....

Use the word "Empire" a lot….the full ecosystem level above societies… like the 9 great extinction eveents in histiry…

Once the ontology of the problem was set, the "tuning" of the mathematics was easy.  The global constants and local variables… global constants had to be discovered first the famous three famous, Arch Singlet, Brodidian Tempo and the now nammed Seldon Symmetry factor (S with line)three symbols...

Soon it was easy to fit the global PS model to a give society and time… (fit local parametes like a regression) ….built the machine and track it curves and flow through the 32 dimensions of imaginary space (to the i^1/16th precision) or advanced 256 with i^1/128 with 3 factors of directional spin on each morivational entity [Technical note 1...2 etc. at bottom or separate page?

define motivational entity.

Not menat to be a course on PS but rather a biography of the beauty and elegance of this golden thread

Prime meridian….

Speed a society would move along its arch (locally) defined by its size… It’s the sqrt(2/pi) power of number of people

That’s just local actions… incontact all the time there are ships coming and going from space powers and hypertransmissions arriving… for a true estimation… prime medidian and multiply…  Then of course its is simply the projection of the prime meridian onto the affine surface defined by the local coordinates (draw a projection plot)...

[Draw out the math]